Payment Details

Please deposit the Enigma VI fee, the total amount of which can be acquired through an invoice generated after you are done registering online, in our bank account and upload a scanned copy of your deposit slip on our Enigma VI portal. Please note that only deposit slips will be accepted. No other modes of payment (for e.g. Pay order, Cash, Cheque etc.) should be submitted. You will also have to submit the original deposit slip at either of the two IBA campuses along with FIVE photocopies of the deposit slip. Kindly write your Delegate/Delegation ID, School Name and Contact Number at the back of all FIVE photocopies. Note that upon submission of these FIVE photocopies, ONE copy would be returned to you with a signature of the recipient. Please keep this copy safe with yourself. Please note that you shall not be acknowledged as an official participant of ENIGMA VI until you have performed the aforementioned tasks.

Our Account details are as follows:

Title: IBA Student societies

Account #: 01531490004748

Bank Name: Faysal Bank Limited, Gulshan Chowrangi branch.