Host Team

Aadil Nazeer Channa


Message: Hello everybody!
People like to call me Mr. President, but you can call me Aadil. ENIGMA has always been incredibly close to my heart, I have worked for it since my first year at IBA, and so before my graduation, I wanted to set a new precedence for those who succeed me. For most people, Enigma is just another event in the board of events IBA hosts each year, and amongst the millions of events that happen year out. However, for me, it's always been more than an Event, it's been a passion. To see ENIGMA, reach great heights has been a dream, and I hope to make it come true this year so that all of you have a fantastic time this January. I, and my team, have been working tirelessly since September to make 2017's edition of ENIGMA the best one yet. We hope that this one shall be your best memory and an unforgettable experience for all of you. If you ever have any queries or any trouble at all, feel free to reach me, and I shall be there to assist you in whatever you need!
Hoping to see you all- 5th to 8th January, Until then; Stop. Think. Act. Reflect.

| Email: | Cell No. 0314-7714087.

Warda Imran Sheikh

Managing Director

Message: Greetings, everyone!
My name is Warda Imran Sheikh, and I shall be serving ENIGMA VI in the capacity of Managing Director. This will be my fourth ENIGMA, and I am proud to say that I have seen it grow, and I have seen people who work for this event as their own. I am truly honored to be associated with one of IBA's biggest events, and one that not only provides a successful platform for all those looking to showcase their talent and learn more, but also to those who aspire to find themselves in their talents too! This year at ENIGMA, we have packed quite a few surprises for all of you. Hopefully, you will depart from us on 8th January with uncountable memories and tears of joy!
Our tag line; Stop. Think. Act. Reflect. Is meant to provoke you to test yourself, test your capabilities and strive for more. We aim on helping you become the best, and also to rediscover hidden talents!
This year, rediscover yourself. Waiting to see you all! Reach out to me if you ever need anything. Much love.

| Email: | Cell No. 0321-2285890.

Zohaib Shah


Message: Enigma is unique because it interprets culture in the most beautiful way. The broader spectrum of how it understands and celebrates Arts and Culture make it one of the best events the world has to offer. I have always loved how Enigma creates a harmony of our most vibrant traditional heritage with contemporary art. I can relate to all the values, because the same 10-year-old boy who loved to draw and at times create a miniature Titanic out of inquisitiveness from the core reader at school still lives. Therefore, in this edition we provide a platform like no other, celebrate the spirit of friendship, celebrate the spirit of winning and most importantly celebrate the spirit of Enigma. So, in my capacity as the Chief Executive Officer I invite you, on behalf of me and my team to the biggest event this winter. And As we say “it is Enigma VI stop! think! Act! Reflect!

| Email: | Cell No. 0307-2006912.

Waleed Saleem Paracha


Message: Hello, everyone!
My name is Waleed Saleem Paracha, I belong to one of the most prestigious families IBA has to offer, that is the Accounting & Finance batch of 2018. I am also a part of the panel of IBA Arts Society this year, as its Chief Financial Officer. I shall also be serving you as a Convener in ENIGMA VI this year that is organized by Arts Society. My role as a Convener will be to overlook all the financial elements of Enigma and therefore it would be my foremost priority to provide all the sufficient resources to make this year’s Enigma a memorable one, not just for myself but for our beloved participants as well. As an art enthusiast, myself, I am aware of all the essential attributes of a perfect platform for providing recognition to our young talents and that is what ENIGMA is all about.
Feel free to buzz me if you ever need any help.

| Cell No. 0343-2542447.

Aziz Ahmed Sheikh

Chief Operating Officer

Message: Hello, all of you!
We’ve faced quite a number of unprecedented challenges when we started off, but as we press on with our efforts we created a benchmark. Enigma ended up stirring passion to work for Arts society. As the Chief Operation Officer (COO), I wish to align all the talented individuals under an umbrella, showcasing their inborn talent, and creating various art culture opportunities. Enigma is an avenue for people to connect or reconnect with their maestro side. I am delighted, to pull off the curtains of Enigma VI. Thank you so much for your commitment and passion towards ENIGMA too.
Let’s make this one an even bigger success, shall we? See you soon.

| Email: | Cell No. 0336-2902101.