6 years later, Enigma has remained as Karachi’s biggest Olympiad, a one of a kind event to recognize your talents, build up your confidence, expose your creativity and unfailingly lead you to pursue excellence. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold, ENIGMA VI - STOP. THINK. ACT. REFLECT! We present to you a diverse range of competitions from Wizarts, Performing Arts, Sports and Games and Public Speaking. Apart from the array of competitions you will come across some of the prominent figures of the country, and celebrate this event at the most thrilling of social events offered. Participants can compete as individuals or as teams representing their institutions. 29 different competitions await you from 5th to 8th Jan’17 at IBA Main Campus, Karachi.

Being an Olympiad, Enigma caters to every talent and every passion with a variety of events. Enigma is unique in the sense that it targets each and every one - it showcases the diverse talents of its participants and facilitates them further. Participants can compete as individuals or as teams representing their schools. The cream of the crop will be crowned the champions of this event.

From 14th January 2016 to 17th January 2016, participants will be witnessing more than 20 alluring competitions celebrating a diversity of talents, complimented by a merriment of youth through mesmerizing social events over 4 days under one insignia - Enigma. We expect this to be the biggest gathering of students in IBA from Karachi and beyond, all looking to channel their talents into something constructive; a competition that allows students to exhibit their inner selves, compete with the best, and hone them to perfection.

About IBA:
Institute of Business Administration- Karachi is a highly acclaimed business school of the region. Founded in 1955 in collaboration with Wharton School of Finance, it is the oldest business school outside North America and has gained esteemed standards since its inception. In 1994, IBA was granted the status of a degree-awarding institution. In 2011, it met another milestone when it received accreditation from South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) and reinforced its presence as one of the top-notch business institutions worldwide.

IBA Arts Society:
Arts Society stands as one of the major societies at IBA having Enigma as its mega event. It is aimed at providing a canvas on which artistic minds can showcase a multitude of their creative capabilities to a wider audience.